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Half of kids’ beds fail quality checks
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2020-09-25 08:29

Nearly half of children’s beds checked by the city’s market watchdog in a recent inspection were substandard, posing potential safety hazards, authorities said.

Thirty batches of beds for children were checked, and 14 failed on various safety items, according to the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation yesterday.

They were sold via three online shopping sites, Tmall, JD.com and yhd.com, according to the administration.

Among them, a batch branded My Baby and sold on yhd.com failed for improper hole design. If children put their fingers in the holes, they may get stuck, the administration warned.

Three were substandard for bed base.

The space for plate strips on the bed bases of a substandard batch branded Syteluna and sold on yhd.com were found to be wider than that ruled by the standard.

Children may have their hands, arms and legs stuck in beds failing in this index, the administration said.

A batch of beds made by Minhua Co and sold on yhd.com were substandard for the height of their side plate and part gaps, which could allow children to fall out.

Ten had substandard or incorrect labels. Among them, a batch branded SAORS and sold on yhd.com was found to be made of poplar wood instead of pine as mentioned on the labels.

The administration has ordered involved businesses to stop the sales of substandard products immediately and clear their stocks of relevant products.

Investigation is under way.