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City on course to meet practical deeds’ target
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2020-09-24 08:29

The city government yesterday announced the latest progress of its 10 practical deeds for this year.

Of the target of 7,000 new beds for the elderly at senior homes and communities, 97.6 percent has been accomplished so far.

Forty-nine of 50 community-based comprehensive senior service centers have been built, and the target of 200 new community-based senior meal service venues has been met.

The practical deeds include the installation and upgrading of fire facilities at 50highrisesand 50 old residential communities. Work on 12highrisesand 31 communities has finished, and the rest will be done before October-end.

A total of 8,067 jobs have been created for long-term unemployed youth so far, surpassing the target of 8,000.

Of the 11 emergency medical treatment stations to be built this year, 10 are ready.

Sixty percent of flooding improvement projects on 11 roads have been completed, and traffic congestion on 96 streets eased, accounting for 192 percent of the target.

Ninety-five percent of planned new or upgraded fitness tracks have been built or renovated and 77 percent of the 200 kilometers of new greenways earmarked for this year had been finished with the rest to be completed before the end of this month.

A total of 141 projects dealing with seniordaycarecenters, senior meal service venues, fitness tracks, and flooding improvement have been finished over the past five years.

The city had plans to renovate sewage treatment facilities involving 35,000 households in the countryside, and the target has been accomplished.

In total, 40,400 domestic helpers have received training so far this year, surpassing the target of 40,000.

Taxi waiting areas numbering 100 have been established at big public venues and roads in the city’s downtown, accomplishing the task in advance.

Seventy-six multi-function sports venues out of the 80 targeted have been newly built or renovated.

Three wangjiangyi, literally “a posthouse facing the river” upgraded from other facilities have been set up at the riverfront areas of the Huangpu River, and the other six should be accomplished by the end of this month to hit the target.

Public opinion is being sought on the effect of projects completed since 2016. The public is also welcome to forward views on projects for the next five years through October 7.