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Panama’s service market guide debuts at international fair
By:Wu Qiong   |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-09-07 14:02

The “Guide on Shanghai’s Trade in Services Development in Key Overseas Markets (Panama Volume)” was first released at the ongoing China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTS).

As the only guest of honor of the CIFTS 2020, which opened on September 4, Shanghai has showcased its efforts in promoting trade in services over the past three decades. On the Shanghai Theme Day on September 5, a series of activities was held for both Chinese and foreign guests to the global fair, among which were the debuts of the Guide on Shanghai’s Trade in Services Development in Key Overseas Markets (Panama Volume and Germany Volume).

Roberto Jou Law, consul general of Panama in Shanghai, announced the release of the Panama Volume, in the presence of Leonardo Kam, ambassador of Panama to China.

The Volume was jointly compiled by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and Eastday.com. As a regional hub of logistics, trade and finance and the “crossroads” of the Western hemisphere, Panama has always been one of the largest recipients of foreign direct investment in Central America because of its geographical advantages and open economic environment. A presence in Panama means connections with North and South America. Given the opportunity, the importance for Chinese companies to explore the Panamanian market is self-evident.

Since diplomatic relations between China and Panama were established in 2017, the two countries have seen frequent high-level official visits and stronger trade and economic cooperation. There are also currently many opportunities in trade in services in such sectors as finance, tourism and exhibition.

The Panama Volume is a key project in 2020 initiated by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. It aims to help local enterprises enter or expand their presence in the trade in services market in Panama, and have a better understanding of Panama’s market demands, business environment and the Central American country’s social and cultural background.

The comprehensive volume investigates Panama’s macroeconomic conditions, the status quo, characteristics, systems and policies of its service industry, and the industrial trend of China and Panama’s service trade. It also provides some advice on future China-Panama cooperation. The report also features interviews with relevant organizations and enterprises, who have shared professional insights into the potential of the two countries’ bilateral trade. Among them are Panama’s Consulate General in Shanghai, the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai, Shangtex Latin America (also referred to as the LA branch of Orient International Holding), and COSCO Shipping Lines Central America.