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Shanghai holds anti-Fascism memorial seminar
By:Zheng Qian  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-09-03 13:29

A seminar themed on the relief of Jewish refugees in Shanghai and anti-Fascism was held in Shanghai in memory of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

The seminar was conducted in the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, the only museum in China that pays homage to the sacrifices and hardship the Jews were put through as well as highlights the role Shanghai played in offering Jews some kind of sanctuary. Scholars from Shanghai academies discussed the history of Shanghai receiving more than 20,000 Jewish refugees during WWII.

Pan Guang, director of the Shanghai Jewish Studies Center, said that a world anti-fascist united front was formed in Shanghai in the face of the Fascists Axis in the form of foreigners in Shanghai of whatever political stances helping relieve the Jewish refugees and also assisting the Chinese people’s Anti-Japanese War of Resistance.

“Studying the Shanghai Jewish refugees and the world anti-fascist united front in Shanghai is not only of academic value for the research of the history of China’s Anti-Japanese War of Resistance, Shanghai history and WWII history, but also has practical significance for observing the current international situation,” said Mr. Pan.

In the view of Yang Jiemian, president of the Shanghai Institute for International Strategic Studies, restudying the anti-Fascism history helps to avoid the world making the same mistakes and to step in the right direction, since peace and development remain the dominant hope of every normal person.