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Nature Conservation Week warm-up held in Xuhui
By:Zheng Qian  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2019-09-09 17:22
The warm-up of the 5th Shanghai International Nature Conservation Week, which is scheduled to run from October 19 to 25, was held in Xuhui district, Shanghai recently. To welcome the upcoming event, nearly 50 parent-child families created works themed around “nature protection” and “garbage sorting” on environmental protection bags to arouse people’s awareness of the new urban fashion of self preparing environmental-friendly bags instead of buying plastic ones when shopping as well as habitually classifying garbage.

Teenagers participate in a garbage sorting game. [Photo/ Eastday]

Besides the DIY creations on reusable bags, participants also engaged in a series of parent-children interactions including recognizing different rivers in Xuhui, making the participants learn public science knowledge in games.

“As a native Xuhui resident, I’ve realized that rivers in the district are no longer smelly in recent years. From time to time, there are cleaning boats passing slowly on the rivers. As the banks of the rivers are getting greener, more and more people are willing to linger to appreciate the alluring scene,” said a parent emotionally, looking at a river on a screen.

The “Ecological Planting Teaching” in this event especially caught children’s attention with one even exclaiming “I didn’t know kitchen waste has such an amazing function! ”

To publicly educate more citizens on environmental protection, other warm-up activities will be held in the following month in the Jiading and Changning districts.