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Solar power systems donated by China benefit Pakistani families
From:ChinaDaily   |  2020-09-23 11:51

Solar photovoltaic systems and LED lights donated by China to Pakistan's southwestern Balochistan province have been welcomed by the local government and residents.

China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment donated 4,000 sets of solar photovoltaic systems and LED lights to the province in November. Installed in homes and local institutions in Gwadar, it is estimated they will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 3,000 metric tons over the next 15 years.

The local government and residents say they are eager for more, as the lights have helped mitigate the impact of frequent power failures.

"I felt so excited," Wahag Baloch told local news portal Gwadar Pro when recalling the day he fixed the solar panels to his home and turned the light on for the first time.

He said local people had grown used to blackouts. Due to limited local infrastructure and extreme weather, his family sometimes went without power for up to 48 hours. When electricity was available, it was often only for a few hours.

"Now I have solar, there is light in my house 24 hours a day," he said. "It's good. Lights are superb."

But he said some families were still plagued by frequent power failures, and he hoped they could also benefit from donated solar photovoltaic systems and LED lights.

Fang Jiawei, an executive with Zhejiang Yankon, China's largest producer of energy-saving lights, who is responsible for implementing the donation project in Pakistan, said representatives of local communities and institutions were all lobbying for such facilities.

The donation of the solar photovoltaic systems and LED lights is just one of the latest examples of China's efforts to help developing countries strengthen their ability to face the challenges brought about by climate change.

The ministry said China has signed memorandums of understanding on climate change cooperation with 37 countries, with materials worth over 1 billion yuan ($147 million) donated to help mitigation and adaptation efforts. In addition to solar photovoltaic systems and LED lights, donations have included microsatellites and electric buses.